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Frederick Cooper

Frederick Cooper

Senior Professor in Architectural History

Born in Lima, Peru in 1939, Frederick Cooper studied architecture at the National University of Engineering in Lima. He attended postgraduate studies in Europe (1963-1966), in London's Birkbeck College at London University under the tutorship of Professor Nikolaus Pevsner, at the Courtauld Institute with Sir Anthony Blunt, in Paris with Professor Andrés Chastel at the Institut d’Art et Archeologie and with Professor Pierre Francastel at the Écoles des Hautes Etudes of the University of Paris, ending with Professor Giulio Carlo Argan in the DSchool of Architecture of the University of Rome. The purpose of his postgraduate studies was to develop a specific modern architectural approach to the teaching of architectural history for architectural students, within the conditions relevant to the strains of a developing Latin America country such as Perú.

From 1966 to the present, Professor Cooper has been the founder and senior partner of COOPER GRAÑA NICOLlNI ARCHITECTS (now CGGMS Architects),having completed within his studio more than 450 projects & buildings. His career spans the critical period of political and social upheaval as the developing cities of Latin America grew exponentially. His work has been part of the debate about the development of an architecture responding to the crisis of the modern Latin American citizen. His own home stands as both a wondrous piece of architecture and a powerful symbol of solidarity with the dispossessed. His work and teachings have exerted a significant positive impact on the Peruvian architectural scene over five decades.

He has been a Senior Professor in Architectural History since 1968, as well as Head Tutor in Architectural Studios, both in The School of Architecture of the National University of Engineering and that of the Pontifical Catholic University of Perú (which he founded in 1999), in Lima, as well as in Columbia University, in New York. He has lectured frequently in schools of architecture in Perú, Latin America, the United States and Europe.

Professor Cooper likewise created in 1995 the well known Latin American monthly architectural journal ARKINKA, which is now in its 278th. issue.

A critic, academic and advocate, there are few areas of Peruvian and Latin architecture and artistic life that he has not touched and influenced from initiating debate, to formulating its history, to preserving its heritage, to advocating its development and most importantly to practicing his beliefs in architectural form, a progressive modernist architecture fit for the social, economic and environmental conditions of Peru.