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Yuji Kishimoto, AIA

Yuji Kishimoto, AIA

Emeritus Professor of Architecture

Yuji Kishimoto, AIA recently received the Japanese National Medal of Distinction – the Order of the Sacred, Gold Rays Medal by the Emperor of Japan for his contribution to the US Japan relations in culture, education and in Economic Development for 37 years.  As this award indicates, activities by Professor Emeritus Kishimoto covers broad fields of society, primarily through the window of architecture both in professional practice and in education, but also collaborates with broad art forms as a painter and as a classical guitarist.

Born and raised in Tokyo, Yuji Kishimoto received his B. Arch degree from Waseda University in Tokyo.  Yuji was influenced by and joined “Group Metabolism.”  He also received M. Arch degree from Harvard University in 1965.  Yuji learned from Professor Jacob Bakema from Holland during the first design studio at Harvard Graduate School of Design that “real problems in real situations” require a true sense of creativity in solving them.  What he learned from this lesson assisted Yuji to determine his professional life to connect him with decision makers, clients, users and architects in architectural projects.  Professor Kishimoto taught architecture for working students and decision makers in this manner at Rhode Island School of Design, Boston Architectural Center, Deerfield Academy, University of Hawaii, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University before joining Clemson University as a Land Grant University in 1980.  

At Clemson University, while having involved himself in South Carolina AIA, Professor Kishimoto established 3C design studio as a design methodology in “Creativity, Collaboration and Commonsense (3C)”.  He incorporated decision makers such as governors, mayors, presidents of universities and industries, developers, and variety of entrepreneurs, into his teaching.  

Professor Kishimoto served as Special Assistant to the President at Clemson University for US Japan relations in culture, education and in Economic development in establishing exchange programs in all fields of study between Clemson University and universities in Japan, all of which were recently recognized by Japanese Government for the award.  He was also successful for industries to contribute in establishing endowments to support those international activities.  Greenville community leaders invited him to begin his design studio in Greenville City Hall, so that his students could be directly involved in its downtown development.

Professor Yuji Kishimoto has extensively traveled through Europe and Japan.