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Tanja D. Conley, PhD

Tanja D. Conley, PhD

Associate Professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design

Born and raised in Serbia, Tanja D. Conley is an Associate Professor at Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston - USA, teaching History and Theory of Architecture and Urbanism. Previously she worked as a senior advisor on urban conservation at the State Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage in Belgrade, Serbia. Her early research published in Serbian and English focused on the influence of Central European architectural centers on the formation of Serbian architectural academia in the late 19th and early 20th century. Conley’s more recent list of publications include:

  • 2019 - Urban Architectures in Interwar Yugoslavia, a book in print by Routledge
  • 2015 - Capital Cities in the Aftermath of Empires: Planning in Central and Southeastern Europe (2nd - paperback edition) 
  • 2013 - "Belgrade and Beyond: Reading Serbian Architectural Landscapes," a special issue of Nationalities Papers, vol. 41-1 
  • 2012 - "Conceptualizing National Architectures: Architectural Histories and National Ideologies among the South Slavs" in Nationalism and Architecture (a book chapter) 
  • 2006-2008 - Valtrović & Milutinović, 1-3 (a three-volume edition of original documents, writings and contemporary interpretations of the work of the founders of archaeology and architectural history in Serbia)     
  • 2004 - Czech-Serbian Architectural Connections 1918-1941 (a book)


Her newest book Urban Architectures of Interwar Yugoslavia, developed from her PhD dissertation from Cornell University, is scheduled for publishing by Routledge in December of 2019. Tanja currently resides in Belgrade, Serbia.